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This MAT Stratos is the first car produced, of which 25 examples were supposed to be produced, however only 8 are believed to have been produced in total. Which makes highly desirable and an incredibly rare vehicle.


The Mat Stratos,is a truly phenomenal car, it all started when the industrialist and car collector Michael Stoscheck contacted the then Pininfarina’s Special Projects Manager Paolo Garella, with a rather odd but fascinating request. He wanted to build a one-off reinterpretation of the infamous 1970’s Lancia Stratos 

In the 1970´s  Lancia was already enjoying considerable success in international rallying with a modified version of the Fulvia, but with the Stratos, Cesare Fiorio, co-founder of the HF Corse team, saw possibilities to create a purpose-built rally car from top to bottom. The outcome was the mid-engined Lancia Stratos, which looked nothing like the traditional rally cars at the time, but there was never no doubt that Cesare Fiorio knew what he was doing. The car ended up being a massive success and winning the world rally Championship 3 years in a row. Fast forward over 3 decades The Manufacturer M.A.T turned this idea into reality with a limited number of 25 one-off reinterpretations of the infamous Stratos being planned for produced. 

The New Stratos as it´s called colloquially, is equipped with a powerful mid-engine V8, while at the same time being extremely light weight, and features a short wheelbase just as the original Stratos did  So the New Stratos has the best of the 70´s styling, now equipped with modern technology and design, overall the New Stratos, is a phenomenal engineering creation equipped with an incredible history. 

This Exact New Stratos is finished in Alitalia spec, which is the same as One of the most admired Stratos, the extraordinary Lancia Stratos Gr.4 Alitalia (1974) that won the Portugal Rally in 1976 and came second in the Monte Carlo Rally in 1977. It is finished with the striking red-white-green livery in honor of it´s at that time main sponsor Alitalia. The result of the production of the MAT Stratos is absolutely stunning, Often when cars are produced in such low numbers as this, the quality in the build can lack quality and precision.. But that’s not at all the case with this, quite opposite actually. When you are inspecting the Stratos you are blown away by the sense of quality and precision, they put into the car. Even the smallest detail is finished to perfection on this car.


The car is based on a 430 Scuderia, since the conversion the car has covered under 4000 Km.

The car comes with a German registration. 

So if you are interested in a piece of history recreated on four wheels, send us an email or give us a call, and we will make that dream come true. 


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4.000 km




4,3 L - V8




F1 autoclutch manual gearbox


502 HK 8500 O/min


3,3 Sek







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2 personers sportsvogn

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