599 GTO


This low millage 599 GTO finished in the rare and desirable combination of Bianco Avus with Carta Da Zucchero (Blue leather interior) which makes this surely one of the most appealing examples from a limited production run of just 599 examples.

This particular 599 GTO is thought to be one of one delivered new with the stunning combination of Bianaco Avus with the gorgeous Blu TDF stripe going across the vehicle and the Carta Da Zucchero (Blue leather interior). And with an odometer reading under 2500 km, it's also likely to be among one of the best examples of the 599 GTO on the market today.

The car is equipped with the following factory options and additional features that include. Alcantara Headling, carbon fibre headlight buckets, HEAT INSULATING WINDSCREEN, INSTRUMENT PANEL (Giallo) IPOD CONNECTION, CASCADE TELEMATIC NAVI SYSTEM, INTERNAL USE, NAVTRAK ANTITHEFT SYSTEM, PASSENGER AIRBAG OFF SYSTEM, REAR PARKING SENSORS, PRIVACY REAR WINDOWS, CARBON FIBRE RACING SEATS, DRIVER SEAT ADJUSTMENT DEVICE, NERO LUCIDO COLOURED 20" CHALLENGE RIMS. It comes with a Ferrari Red Book, all hand books, tool set, 2 keys and an original tailored Ferrari car cover.

There is no question that a Ferrari GTO model offers significant investment potential; in recent years, the prices of the 250 GTO, 288 GTO, and 599 GTO have sky rocketed. However, it appears that with the 599 GTO this trend is just getting started, so now is your chance to purchase an exceptional example of the 599 GTO; if this exceptional example has  caught your interest, please get in touch with us.

There is no denying that Ferrari is one of the most renowned and esteemed car manufacturers in the world , and has held that position for decades. So when Ferrari made the decision to create the so-called GTO model, it was destined to be an ultimate engineering and aesthetic masterpiece.

The GTO stands for Gran Turismo Omologato in Italian, translated to English it means Grand Touring Homologated. The Grand Touring emphasizes the fusion of comfort and speed. The result is the definitive automobile, elegant and more refined than a traditional sports cars.

The term "homologated" refers to a vehicle that satisfies the minimum technical requirements to be a road legal vehicle while still being as near to a race vehicle as possible.

Ferrari originally introduced the term "GTO" with the legendary 250 GTO, which is currently valued at well over 50 million euros. It took 23 years for the term GTO to be reawakened in the beautiful 599 GTO, which Ferrari unveiled in 2010. In the 75 years, Ferrari has been active, the term has definitely not been used frequently; in total, it has only been used three times.

It features a naturally aspirated 6 Liter V12 engine producing 670 hp, the sound and performance of that is something out of this world, and something we will probably sadly not see ever again. When Ferrari built the 599 GTO, it was the company's fastest production vehicle to date.

The performance was nothing less than incredible, top speed of 335 km/h, and 0-100 in under 3,3 seconds, they reached this magnificent number by making the car just as light as the bigger brother the racetrack version, the 599XX.

Driving the 599 GTO is an extraordinary experience like nothing else, the hard gearchanges when it´s in race mode, gives you no doubt that you are in a true ¨Omologato¨ a race car built for the road. Likewise when the car is put into Sport, which is the lowest possible comfort mode on the 599 GTO, the car drives smoothly and pleasantly which make it a real Grand Tourer as well as a Omologato.


Car can be sold to private costumers with VAT 25%

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Pris (DKK)




2.500 km




6,0 L V12


Carta Da Zucchero (Blue leather interior)


6-trins automatisk - F1


661 Hk 8250 O/min


3,8 Sek


Binaco Avus with Blu TDF stripe





Model detaljer

2 personers sportsvogn

Total produceret


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