Pool 2


Fully drawn

What is a supercar? It’s not easy to define what a supercar is, yet when you’re faced with one, you’re in no doubt: supercars explore and push the boundaries of what’s possible in engineering and performance. The best of them have an extreme and extravagant beauty that signals their special status in the world of cars. Supercars are elevated above ordinary passenger cars because they are designed for more than transport. They exist to excite, fascinate and captivate with their performance, design and rarity.
Supercars are the kings of the automotive world and represent the ultimate dream of many car enthusiasts. Therefore, they are the crowning glory of car collections around the world. Supercars will always have a special status that make them sought-after objects of interest in the motoring world. This is the reason why they are the theme of Selected Car Investment’s first pool of investment vehicles.

This pool is fully drawn, and it is therefore no longer possible to become a co-investor in pool 2 with an investment focus on supercars. If you want to be the first to be contacted when the next pool is open, contact us below.


Ferrari 599 GTO

The GTO abbreviation is the best known in Ferrari’s history and has adorned only three models: the 250 GTO, the 288 GTO and this latest model – the 599 GTO. The O stands for “omologato”, which means approval – for the first two cars in motorsport.

In fact, the 599 GTO was the reverse, as it didn’t originate from the street car of the same name, but instead from the track-modified 599 XX. It couldn’t be registered for street driving, so instead Ferrari used as much of the technology from the track car XX as possible for the new GTO. The end result was the same as with two previous GTOs: one of the best supercars of its time.

Bugatti EB110 SS

The Bugatti EB110 SS is unquestionably a top-shelf supercar: the original Bugatti EB110 GT was already recognised as one of the world’s very best luxury sports cars in 1991, and Bugatti developed that car to “super sport” specifications, which became their swan song before the company went bankrupt in 1995.

When the racing driver Jochen Dauer bought many of Bugatti’s remaining assets, including five carbon-fibre chassis, he further refined the technique, concept and design, creating the top five and fastest EB110 Super Sports cars – though he wasn’t allowed to call them Bugattis. He kept the first car himself – and that is the car that is part of this pool.

Maserati MC12 Corsa

For most of its long history, the Italian brand Maserati has had a tumultuous life, with changing owners, racing successes and great prestige, but lack of income. In 2004, the Maserati MC12 became its path back to its former glory. With a historically well-founded strategy of using motorsport success to bring the brand back to the attention of supercar enthusiasts, it was a big gamble, but one that succeeded to the fullest.

The MC12 became the most successful model in the FIA racing series GT and GT1. The Versione Corse model of the MC12 was a tribute to the company’s racing victories, and it is the rarest of the MC12s.

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