Become an investor in some of the world’s most amazing cars

Pool investment


Our pools

Our investment pools consist of a group of carefully selected classic cars which, after a thorough analysis, we assess as having potential to increase in value and become a good investment. Selected Car Investment handles the entire process, including vehicle identification, acquisition, due diligence, storage, insurance, maintenance and sales.
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Pool 3

Supercars and racing cars

This pool is composed of exclusive supercars and racing cars from leading European car brands.

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Pool 2


This pool is composed of supercars from the leading exclusive European car brands.

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Pool 1


This pool is composed of supercars from the leading exclusive European car brands.

Benefit from our expertise and invest easily

What is pool investment?

At Selected Car Investment, we have been engaged in the purchase and sale of classic cars as investment objects for a number of years. Our professional team has in-depth knowledge of the market for classic and investment cars, which has been growing for many years.

We supplement this experience with continuous monitoring of the market and detailed analyses of the data we obtain from this. At the same time, we draw on a strong international network to source and trade investment vehicles.

With our pooled investments, we now offer investors the chance to benefit from our combined expertise in classic cars, our international network and our market experience. This means that our form of pool investment offers you the easiest and safest way to invest in some of the world’s finest classic cars.

Become part of a unique investor network

Who can invest in our pools?

Selected Car Investment Management is mainly targeted towards professional investors who want to diversify their investments. The minimum deposit is currently DKK 750,000 and we have some clear criteria that must be met in order for you to be considered a professional investor. As soon as these criteria are met, it is easy to invest with Selected Car Investment Management. You have the opportunity to invest in a pool of company funds, pension funds or free funds.

As an investor with Selected Car Investment, you also become part of a community where investment, passion and socialising come together. Pool investors also get the chance to enjoy the sight of the beautiful artworks up close at social events with the other pool investors or individually by appointment.

10-year development in the value of selected collectibles

Collector cars are an overlooked but highly interesting investment. The Knight Frank Luxury Investment Index Q2 2023 shows that the price increases of classic cars in many cases outpace both traditional and alternative investments such as watches, jewellery, art and wine.


WINE 149%


CARS 118%

ART 109%






Source: Knight Frank Wealth Report 2023

A growing market

In recent decades, the car investment market has seen growth that has sped ahead of other alternative investment objects such as wine, watches and jewellery.

At the same time, investing in classic cars has a low correlation with other financial investment assets such as property, shares and bonds, which adds resilience to a portfolio consisting of traditional asset classes.

For example, since 2004, investments in supercars and racing cars have yielded annual returns of 13.4% and 10.7%, respectively. In general, the car investment market is characterised by low transparency, and the best cars are typically not offered for sale to the general public.

Danish company with international experience

Selected Car Investment ranks among Denmark’s leaders in the purchase and sale of investment cars, which is clearly illustrated in our car dealerships, where more than 200 investment cars are handled with dedication and expertise.

Our many years of experience and expertise, along with our international networks, allow us to locate and acquire the finest examples of investment cars, which is a key factor when it comes to their future return potential.