991 Speedster

EUR 359.900

Excl. tax and registration


Porsche 991 Speedster - ONLY 89 km – One registered owner


Elegance, low weight, effectiveness, and pure driving enjoyment. These attributes are specific to the Porsche 991 Speedster and the Porsche brand in general. The 1948 356 model is the ancestor of the Porsche Speedster. This year is also the source of the new 911 Speedster's limited edition: 1,948 units were produced at the main Zuffenhausen factory starting in mid-2019. Thus, the 356 Speedster and the 1989 911 Speedster are succeeded by the 991 Speedster. The open two-seater with the flat roofline is based on a GT model from the storied 911 family for the first time in the company's more than 70-year history.

The vehicle:


This Porsche 991 Speedster was delivered new to Germany, on the 23 of December 2019, someone got an early Christmas present, in the form of number 1175 of only 1948 Unit´s. From the current kilometer of only 89, it seems that the first and only registered owner wanted to keep it as new as he received it for Christmas.

The car was since then registered to the first owner, but barely driven always kept in a climate-controlled collection, to maintain the car in as new as physical possible condition.


The car being finished in the desirable Porsche color GT silver, it´s impossible to find a Porsche where the GT silver doesn’t look less than stunning, and this 991 Speedster is definitely no exception. And Equipped with the Black leather interior with Eye catching red stitching and a matching soft top to go with it.

The car is equipped with many special options which can be seen below.

The 991 Speedster is now waiting for its new owner, as if it were fresh from the factory.



004                                                  RS - VERSION

022                                                  INSTRUMENT CLUSTER DIALS IN BLACK

071                                                  EU COUNTRY VERSION

098                                                  LEFT HAND DRIVE (LHD) VERSION

0JZ                                                   WITHOUT WEIGHT CLASS SPECIFICATION FA

0SC                                                  STICKERS/PLATES IN ENGLISH

0YZ                                                   WITHOUT WEIGHT CLASS SPECIFICATION RA

140                                                  DYNAMIC ENGINE MOUNTS (PADM)

153                     MKU                   MIDDLE RADIATOR (INCREASED ENGINE COOLING)

170                     GDM                   ACOUSTIC PACKAGE ROW

195                                                  BATTERY 450 A (70 AH)

1EX                     TYP                      SPECIAL ID PLATE FOR EC

1T3                     VBK                     First Aid Kit

211                                                  NUMBER PLATE HOLDER, VERS. III

220                                                  Porsche Torque Vectoring (PTV) with mechanically locking rear differential

227                                                  DUNLOP / MICHELIN

256                     ASE                     DOOR MIRROR, MAN. RETR., AUTOM. ANTI-DAZ.

265                     ASL                      EXTERIOR MIRROR GLASS, LEFT, ASPHERICAL

268                                                  Rain sensor

276                     IRS                       Automatically dimming interior and exterior mirrors

284                     ASR                     EXTERIOR MIRROR GLASS, RIGHT, CONVEX

288                                                  HEADLIGHT WASHER SYSTEM

306                     SAG                     SHIFT LEVER, GTX, LEATHER

323                                                  Adaptive sport seat Plus, electrical (18-way, electric) - LEFT

324                                                  Adaptive sport seat Plus, electrical (18-way, electric) - RIGHT

340                                                  RIMS PAINTED IN BASIC COLOUR

426                                                  WITHOUT REAR WIPER

431                                                  20-inch 911 GT3 wheels

450                                                  Porsche Ceramic Composite Brake (PCCB)

465                                                  REAR FOG LIGHT, LEFT

470                                                  Rear-axle steering

475                                                  Porsche Active Suspension Management (PASM) with ride height lowered by 10 mm

478                                                  CENTRAL LOCK (WHEELS)

482                                                  TYRE PRESSURE MONITORING TPM 433 MHZ

486                                                  6-speed GT sports manual transmission

488                                                  PLATES WITH GERMAN INSCRIPTION

493                                                  BALANCING WEIGHTS IN BLACK

499                                                  GERMANY VERSION

4BF                     AGM                   EMISSIONS CONCEPT EU 6 DG

521                                                  TILT SENSOR

523                     TRF                      IMMOBILISER / C. LOCK., 434 MHZ

527                                                  STONE GUARD FILM, BLACK

529                                                  SPORT DESIGN DOOR MIRROR

534                                                  ANTI-THEFT PROTECTION WITH INT. SURVEILLANCE

554                                                  FRONT SPOILER LIP INCLUDED

555                                                  Black seat belts

568                     WSS                    WINDSCREEN WITHOUT TOP TINT

585                                                  CUPHOLDER

605                                                  LED DAYTIME RUNNING LIGHTS

621                                                  12 V PLUG SOCKET (PASS. FOOTWELL)

655                     LSS                      STEERING COLUMN, MECH. ADJUSTABLE WITH EL. STEER. COL. LOCK

657                                                  POWER STEERING STANDARD

667                                                  ACTIVE CARBON FILTER FOR EU28+ PPF

705                                                  G T 3

708                                                  G1/991, 2nd GEN., 982 (S-NO.)

755                                                  WITH PETROL PARTICULATE FILTER (PPF) (EU ONLY)

7G9                     FVS                      VTS PREP.+PORSCHE CAR CONNECT (PCC)

7UG                    NAV                    Navigation module for PCM

878                     LRA                     Steering wheel rim and gear selector in black smooth-finish leather

981                                                  LEATHER INTERIOR

983                                                  FRONT SEAT COVERS LLL (FULL-LEATH., PLAIN)

991                                                  AIRBAG MODULE IN LEATHER

9NX                                                 WITHOUT ELECTRONIC LOGBOOK

9WT                    AUD                    Apple® CarPlay incl. Siri® voice control

9ZC                     VTV                     TELEPHONE MODULE WITH COUPLER BOX

B01                     TPL                      TYPE TEST. COUNTRY: GERMANY

E1E                                                   GTX - MODELS (FOR PTPA CONTROL)

EL5                      ONL                    Online Services

ER1                     RCO                    REGION CODE "ECE" FOR RADIO

GB1                     KOM                   COMPENSATOR, EU/ROW

IY3                                                    MODEL YEAR PERIOD 3 (FROM WEEK 22)

KK3                     KUH                    REFRIGERANT R1234YF

M1P                                                FLAT-SIX ENGINE, 4.0 L 375 KW SPEEDSTER

QH1                    SPR                     VOICE CONTROL

QV0                                                 W/O TV/SAT/DAB RECEPTION

SM4                                                 FUEL MARKET A

SW4                                                 PRODUCTION IN PLANT IV

UI2                      ESS                      USB interface in rear

UX7                    RBS                     TPM Valve in Black

X69                     ESB                      Door sill guards in carbon

XGB                     EIH                      DECORATIVE DASHBOARD TRIM, CARBON

XHM                   BMK                   Centre console trim Carbon

XWC                   TSV                     DECORATIVE DOOR PANEL TRIM, CARBON

XXP                     SBR                     Tinted taillights

XYB                                                  Fuel filler cap with Aluminium look finish


Car has always been owned by companies and is therefore sold a Netto car.

Car can be sold to private individuals with the addition of VAT.

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Price (EUR)


Excl. tax and registration



89 km






Black leather with Red Stitching


6-speed Manual





Body Colour


Top speed


Production period


Model details

2-seater open sports car

Total produced


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